Due to the increased vehicle import taxes, a large number of vehicles are not being cleared at the Colombo Port, creating a heavy vehicle jam in the Port.
Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) has informed 1,400 cars that have already unloaded are not cleared and four cargo ships carrying more than 2,000 vehicles have not been yet unloaded.

Vehicle Importers’ Association President Lanka Sampath Mernchige said that car importers and individual are faced with difficulty in clearing the vehicles due to increased taxes, currency fluctuation and demurrage. A discussion was held on Friday between vehicle Importers, SLPA, Customs and Shipping Line Representatives to find a solution to this issue. During this discussion vehicle importers requested the Government Officials to provide a solution to prevent the vehicle prices rising further. .

The Government has provided a temporary solution to unload cargo carrying vehicles at Hambantota Harbour from May 31st.