As you ay be aware , the LAWASI A Sri Lanka 2016 Golden Jubilee Conference is to be held in Colombo from 12th to 15 th August 2016. We expect a number of delegates from throughout the Asia Pacific region and from Sri Lanka to participate. The speakers and panelists will be from Sri Lanka and the Asia Pacific region.

While it is LAWASIA which holds the Conference, the BASL is hosting and organizing the Conference in Colombo. The Conference Organizing Committee is headed by Mr.Upul Jayasuriya ( Chairman ) and the Convenor is Mr.Rajee v Amarasuriya. Several Sub Committees will handle the various aspects of the Conference and a list of the Chairpersons of each of these Sub Committee swill be available on the BASL Web site [].

The Organizing Committee will be grateful if any members of the BASL who would like to help with the organizing of the Conference, convey their interest to the Chairman of the Sub Committee they would like to assistor to the BASL/ the Chairman or Convenor of the Organizing Committee or e mail [email protected]