Sepala Amarasuriya was a member of the final batch of Advocates and took oaths as an Advocate of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka in 1973, having dwelled in the Chambers of the late H.L. De Silva, President’s Counsel. Thereafter he joined the Corporate Sector, where he held several senior positions in multinational companies and International Organisations.

He has functioned as an Advisor as well as held several other senior appointments at the International Water Management Institute [IWMI], which is a member of the CGIAR and is the only international organisation with its headquarters located in Sri Lanka.

Mr. Amarasuriya specializes in the areas of Corporate Law, Industrial and Labour Relations, Human Resources, and Government facilitation.

He is a life member of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka.

Tel : + 94 11 2592450 / +94 11 2583444 Ext: 11

Email : [email protected]